On the 29th of May Shchekinoazot Celebrated its 60th Anniversary and Chemist’s Day

The Grand Opening of the memorial bust to the Director of the plant P.M.Sharov in the park named after Shchekinoazot’s 60th Anniversary

The representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Russian Chemists Union, the Tula region Government, the Tula Region Duma, the Tula Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Tula Federation of trade unions, owners and CEOs of Russian and international partner companies, of major banks and insurance companies attended the celebrations.

In the framework of the festive program the grand opening of the memorial bust to Piotr M. Sharov, the Hero of socialist labor, the Director of the Shchekino chemical plant from 1962 to 1976, took place in the park near Shchekinoazot main building.

It was attended by heads of the region, of the district, of the company, Shchekinoazot employees and veterans, P. Sharov’s family.

Those who had an opportunity to work with the legendary Director of the chemical plant, the founder of the famous Shchekino method, shared their memories of him.

- Today we open the bust to an outstanding person indeed, whose name is known not only in Russia but also outside our country. And that name will stay forever in our company’s history – it was Sharov who laid a foundation for the current successes of the plant, – the President of JSC Shchekinoazot Boris Sokol noted at the meeting. – Peter has headed the factory for fourteen years. And this time became one of the glorious milestones in the history of Shchekinoazot, the plant has developed by leaps and bounds. Methanol production was started-up. Caprolactam production was mastered. The chemical plants one after another were put into commercial operation: urea production, oleum, carbonic acid, household chemicals…

Under Sharov Pervomayskiy chemists’ settlement flourished and got prettier, with its development level it was recognized as the most improved in the RSFSR.

- There are people you can be proud of being acquainted with, ” Boris Sokol said. – Be proud of having communicated with them, discussed some problems, listened to their memories, learnt from their experience and absorbed their knowledge, wisdom and sincerity. As many people on Shchekinoazot, I am proud to be acquainted with Piotr Sharov in person…

The welcome speech was made by P. Sharov’s grandson– Piotr Sharov.

The memorial bust to Piotr Mikhailovich Sharov was installed in the center of the Park named after Shchekinoazot’s 60th Anniversary, which appeared near the main building on the Anniversary eve.

Chemists consider Sharov not only as the Director who laid a foundation of the enterprise and its modern achievements, but also as the real creator, the hero, the warrior and the teacher.

Now the memory of this man immortalized in stone.

…The participants of the Ceremony enjoyed the site tour, observed the projects implemented by the Company and the new ones, visited the Museum of labor glory of JSC Shchekinoazot.

 The Museum of labor glory is another company gift to all the residents of Shchekino district, which history is inseparably linked with the history of the town-forming enterprise. This hall is truly unique with its technical equipment and content. The exhibition includes rare items, unique photos, interactive areas showing the history of Shchekinoazot from creation to the present day.

The President of JSC Shchekinoazot Boris A. Sokol is greeting the participants of the Solemn MeetingWelcome speech by Piotr Miknailovich Sharov's grandson - Piotr Vladimirovich SharovGrand opening of the memorial bust to P.SharovThe President of JSC Shchekinoazot Boris Sokol and P.Sharov's familySoviet area in the Museum of labor glory of JSC ShchekinoazotYasnaya Polyana agreement area in the Museum of labor glory of JSC ShchekinoazotInteractive area in the Museum of labor glory of JSC ShchekinoazotForeign visitors in the Museum of labor glory of JSC ShchekinoazotThe plant's model in the Museum of labor glory of JSC ShchekinoazotForeign visitors taking photos by the symbols of the eraGuided tour in the Museum of labor glory of JSC ShchekinoazotThe Museum's visitors at the showcase with enterprise productsShchekinoazot Directors' pictures in the Museum of labor gloryShowcase with Shchekinoazot's modern awardsThe plant's modelThe famous Shchekino method in pictures and documentsJournalists interested by the items used by builders and the first factory employees in everyday life