Congratulation on the 60th Anniversary of Production Activity of the Company from Mitsubishi Corporation (Russia) LLC

Dear Mr. Sokol,

We hereby express our respect and gratitude to You and Your esteemed company for our ongoing mutually beneficial cooperation.

Congratulations to You and to all the employees of Shchekinoazot on the 60th anniversary!

Your company has successfully passed a very challenging way of development and nowadays Shchekinoazot is considered to be one of the model chemical plants in the CIS. High engineering level and expertise of personnel blended with fine-tuned business processes allow Your company not only to produce chemicals of world-class quality but also to implement ambitious investment projects. Mastering the production of new products while increasing the capacity of existing plants, Shchekinoazot makes its significant contribution into development of the chemical industry in Russia.

We wish all the employees of Shchekinoazot prosperity, good luck and success in reaching new heights in Your business as well as prosperity to all of You and Your families! Shchekinoazot has long established itself as reliable and responsible partner, and we hope that we will be honored with new joint projects in future which will help to bring collaboration between our companies to a new level.

                                                           Best regards,

Minoru Furusawa

General Director